Welcome to Animal Auto, where Southern California's automotive elite choose to elevate their Nissan GTR and EFI tuning experience.

 Congratulations on discovering us – servicing your GTR or JDM Supercar isn't just a job; it's a privilege we relish.

Since 2011, Animal Auto has dominated the scene, specializing in ECU tuning and revamping Japanese classic cars with a swagger that sets us apart.

Our track record isn't just a list of services; it's a testament to our prowess in a wide range of motorsports. We're not here to meet expectations; we're here to exceed them.

At Animal Auto, we're not just about completing your dream car – we're about making it legendary. Whether you're unleashing the power of a GTR or unleashing your inner JDM icon, we're the driving force behind turning aspirations into automotive reality. Welcome to a whole new level of automotive swagger.