Precision Tuning for Performance: In-House Hub Dyno Services by Motorsports Electronics Specialists. Currently offering Dyno tuning and service exclusively for select vehicles. Expert installation of aftermarket engine management systems and additional sensors for competition and scientific precision. Please note, our services are strictly for off-road use, and appointments are required.

Precision in Performance: Utilizing a Dynapack 4000 2WD Hub Dyno for Optimal Tuning

Versatile Mastery: Extensive Experience with Haltech, MoTeC, Link, AEM, ECUmasters, and More.

Demonstrated Proficiency: Factory-trained by Haltech Engine Management and proud alumni of EFI University (2016) with a degree in Automotive Technology from UTI

Spotlighted on Multiple YouTube Channels and Collaborated with Industry Pioneers

Proven Track Record. 

Here a glimpse at some our more recent projects